[comp.sys.amiga.unix] A3000 Virtual Terminal Problems due to Overscan - HELP

rodney@solar.card.inpu.oz.au (Rodney Campbell) (03/06/91)

Can someone PLEASE HELP ME...
I have an Amiga 3000UX and I have decided (much to my detriment) to try
the overscan feature in an attempt to get some more screen space.

I am running Sys5 R4 Beta3j of the OS and in the Manual 'Using Amiga Unix'
on page 176 is a section which describes the following:
'If your monitor has overscan, and you want these extra pixels, modify the
file /etc/rc2.d/S70sioc. Near the end of this short startup file is a
commented out line that sets the overscan for each of the four screen
Now I did this and it sort of worked but it was a little too much so I
thought I might just reduce the number of extra pixels and the offset
again and reboot. Now here is where the problems began.

After Reboot all of the virtual screens were garbled and just producing
flashing out of sync blocks of colour. Since then I have been rlogin into
the machine and editing the file and rebooting. After many retries I can
often get the screen back to some semblence of normality but if I then
reboot again it is stuffed again. It seems that whatever this line:

sioc setdisplayadjust -offsetx -offsety overscanx overscany

does is cumulative and thus it offsets and overscan amounts are
continually cycling past the displayable area.

If anyone knows if this is true and how to get the damn thing to return to
the original state I would be most appreciated. Does someone at Commodore
have any ideas, please.....
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