[soc.culture.german] Need computerized German/English dictionary

geoff@circus.camex.com (Geoffrey Knauth) (10/06/90)

In article <4692@tahoe.unr.edu> bryan@tahoe.unr.edu (Bryan Wolf) writes:
>Does anyone know of a German-English / English-German dictionary program
>available for DOS or UNIX machines.  I need something to help speed up
>my translations (Looking stuff up by hand is awfully slow!).

I would like to see the equivalent of NeXT's Digital Webster for
foreign languages (Russian, German, and French top my list).  I want
to see native language dictionaries as well as bilingual ones.  I
think dictionary makers guard their word lists jealously, and
electronic distribution scares them, otherwise I don't understand why
such products are so rare, or, with the exception of Digital Webster,
so poor.

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