[comp.sources.apple2] v01_ADM_1: WELCOME TO COMP.SOURCES.APPLE2

jac@paul.rutgers.edu (Jonathan A. Chandross) (09/04/90)

Submitted-by: jac@paul.rutgers.edu
Posting-number: Volume 1, Administrivia: 1


Before source can be distributed a few things need to be discussed.
This and subsequent messages will contain those topics.  First is
the format of postings.  (Please don't bombard me with source until
all the administrative problems have been dealt with.  This should
not take too long.)

Postings will come in 3 flavors:
	Administrivia		guidelines, comments, frequently asked
				questions, etc;  NOT ARCHIVED.
	Information		A non-source posting, but contains
				useful information;  ARCHIVED.
	Source			A source posting; ARCHIVED.

You'll be able to distinguish between them by the "Subject" line:
	Subject:  v%2.2d_INF_%1.1d:  <subject>
	Subject:  v%2.2d_ADM_%1.1d:  <subject>
	Subject:  v%2.2d_SRC_%3.3d:  <subject>
	INF is Information
	ADM is Administrivia
	SRC is Source
I've chosen the format such that it should be possible to write tools
to automatically examine the header and decide if the article should
be archived or not.

A sample subject line is:
	Subject:  v01_SRC_001:  neat_program.c
This is from volume 1, contains source, and is issue number 1.  The
Source and Information categories are numbered independently; that is,
you can have v01_SRC_001 and v01_INF_001.  (This may be a losing idea;
I'm not really sure.) The body of a posting contains 3 fields:

	Submitted-by: J. Random Hacker
	Posting-number: Volume 1, Issue 1, Source
	Archive-name: neat_stuff.c

"Submitted-by" field contains the author's name.

"Posting-number" is just an expansion of the fields in the Subject line. 

"Archive-name" is the name this program should be stored under in the
archive.  More on this in a subsequent message.

To get something posted to comp.sources.apple2, send it to me at:
	Internet: jac@paul.rutgers.edu
	UUCP: rutgers!paul.rutgers.edu!jac
or use the follow up command in your newsreader.

Jonathan A. Chandross
Internet: jac@paul.rutgers.edu
UUCP: rutgers!paul.rutgers.edu!jac