[comp.sources.apple2] v01_ADM_12: The Last Word on Archive Naming

jac@sparky.rutgers.edu (Jonathan A. Chandross) (09/11/90)

Submitted-by: jac
Posting-number: Volume 1, Administrivia: 12

Here is a proposal for how archiving for the group will be done.
If there are no serious objections, I propose to start posting
source later this week in apack format with this archive naming

I would like to thank Chris Myers <chris@wugate.wustl.edu> for
his help in refining this document.


The archiving name will be volume based in addition to category based:
Volumes come out on some regular basis, primarily whenever the directories
get too full.

Version numbers are included with the directory as an empty file:

Machine specifics will ONLY be noted if the program will not run on any
Apple //.  As with version numbers, this information will be stored as
an empty file:

Architecture categories are:
	ONLY_3		Apple III only
	ONLY_2plus	Apple ][+ only
	ONLY_2e		Apple //e only
	ONLY_2c		Apple //c only
	ONLY_2e_up	Apple //e and up only
	ONLY_2gs	Apple //gs only
	ONLY_franklin	Franklin ACE only

I'm not sure about the Apple III, but it seemed like a good idea to
include it.  Alternatively, the category of machines could always be
listed.  In that case the following category would need to be added.
	ANY_2		Any Apple //

Categories of programs:

Category	Contents
archive		archiving programs; apack, aunpack, etc.
audio		music programs and the like
cda		desk accessories (needed with nda, too?)
comm		data communications
database	database
demo		demos
dos33		DOS 3.3 related tools; drivers, etc.
editor		editors
formatters	text formatters
game		games
graphics	graphical tools; editors, paint programs, etc.
gsos		GSOS related tools; drivers, etc.
hypercard	hypercard stacks
languages	assemblers, compilers, interpreters
libraries	libraries for programmers, various languages
midi		MIDI tools
misc		things that don't fit anywhere else
nda		desk accessories (needed with cda, too?)
printer		printing related tools; maybe under "drivers" or "utils"
prodos		ProDos related tools; drivers, etc
shells		shells; both source and applications
spreadsheet	spreadsheet related 
techinfo	technical information; not from Apple
technotes 	Apple tech-notes
unix		Unix only; Apple // simulator, extract binary archives, etc.
util		utilities that don't fit into other categories
virus		virus tools (should be under the specific os, maybe?

The version and architectures can be deduced from two additional
header lines:

Version-number will be a sequence of digits, separated by periods.  For

Architecture will be any of the categories I listed above.


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Jonathan A. Chandross
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