[comp.sources.apple2] v001ADM14: No News Is Good News

jac@yoko.rutgers.edu (Jonathan A. Chandross) (10/29/90)

Submitted-by: jac
Posting-number: Volume 1, Administrivia: 14

Some of you have expressed concern that comp.sources.apple2 has been
rather quiet lately.  I'd like to offer a brief explanation as to why
this occurred.

As many of you know, there is no standard archive program for Apple //
source code.  The existing tools for the Apple // family all share the
same problem -- readable source is converted into a series of
unrecognizable digits.  This is not suitable for postings to a sources
group.  As Rich Salz put it,
	Posting anything other than human-readable sourcecode to a
	sources newsgroup is a crime.

While archivering programs exist for Unix, MS-DOS, Amiga Dos, etc.,
none of them is truly well suited for the distribution of Apple //
source.  So I had to write something that would both allow source
to be distributed in a usable form as well as work on an Apple //.
This took some time to develop.   Since the development of the
archive format took place over email, none of you realized that
something was actually going on.  All you saw was a quiet newsgroup.

I also needed to work up a set of guidelines for the group.  As
with the archiving format, this too was done via email.  And, of
course, nothing was posted indicating that this process was

The subsequent postings contain information on archive naming,
archive formats, and guidelines for posting to the group.  If
everybody is agreed I can start posting source code.

I apologize for the delay.  However, I feel that it was unavoidable
under the circumstances.


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