[comp.sources.apple2] v001ADM16: Posting To comp.sources.apple2

jac@yoko.rutgers.edu (Jonathan A. Chandross) (10/29/90)

Submitted-by: jac
Posting-number: Volume 1, Administrivia: 16

I would like to thank Kent Landfield and Doug Gwyn for their help with
this document.


		Posting Guidelines

To make life easier for both myself and the users of the comp.sources.apple2
newsgroup, I request that all submissions follow the following guidelines.
	 1. A version number must be supplied.
	 2. Architecture information must be supplied.
	 3. Source filenames must be a maximum of 12 characters long,
	    contain only alphanumeric characters and optionally a period,
	    and start with an alphabetic character.
	 4. A Read.Me file is required.  This file contains a brief 
	    description of what the posting is, how it is used, how
	    it is compiled, a list of authors, copying policies, etc.
	 5. A Makefile or compiling instructions are required.  If no
	    Makefile is provided, compiling instructions should be placed
	    in the Read.Me.
	 6. Whenever possible, send source to me packaged in the Apple
	    Archive Format (described in a subsequent posting).  If this
	    is not possible, Unix "shar" format can be used.  Other formats
	    will be rejected unless prior arrangements have been made.
	 7. Each pice of e-mail must be < 60k to satisfy mailer constraints.
	    Postings larger than this may be truncated by some mailers.
	 8. Any additional documentation needed must be supplied.
	 9. Author information must be supplied.
	10. Copyright status must be supplied, or a clear indication that
	    the work is in the public domain.



To get something posted to comp.sources.apple2, send it to:
	Internet: jac@paul.rutgers.edu
	UUCP: rutgers!paul.rutgers.edu!jac

Please mark comments that are not to be posted with "Not for Posting".
Otherwise, I often can't tell.

Jonathan A. Chandross
Internet: jac@paul.rutgers.edu
UUCP: rutgers!paul.rutgers.edu!jac