[misc.forsale.computer] Wanted to Buy: Amiga 500 Power Supply

megabyte@chinet.chi.il.us (Dr. Megabyte) (08/27/90)

After some talking with people and such about my problems with my computer,
it seems I need a new power supply for my Amiga 500.

So, I want to buy a working power supply for an Amiga 500 computer.  I'll
take the standard, "out of the box" model, though anyone who wants to sell
a heftier third party supply should definitly contact me.

I can be contacted by email, or my home phone number in my .signature.
I'll pay for shipping and payment by your prefered method.
Mark E. Sunderlin: IRS Technocrat in Stephens City, VA 
 aka Dr. Megabyte: megabyte@chinet.chi.il.us  (703) TOY-DUDE
"Mark, can you spend $170,000 by next Wednesday?" - My boss