[alt.bbs.ads] CAT-TALK

pr@tygra.ddmi.com (CAT-TALK Maint. Account) (08/04/90)

Detroit Direct Marketing is happy to announce that The CAT-TALK
Conferencing Network is alive and kicking! The CAT-TALK Network 
provides many different communications facilities including:

    * Several dozen local conferences on subjects ranging from 
      Para-Normal Psychology to Science issues.

    * E-MAIL capabilities allowing user to exchange mail with
      others on the system as well as people on the Internet.

    * USENET News - users can read and post USENET news articles. 
      There are currently SEVERAL HUNDRED newsgroups on every 
      possible topic.

    * ClariNet UPI Groups - ClariNet Communications produces 
      a specialized set of groups which contain news right off
      of the UPI newswire. Check up on the latest in sports, weather
      and other news, including several syndicated features.

    * We also provide UUCP/USENET newsfeeds for only $10/month.
      which gives you up to 20 hours of connect time. We get
      almost a full newsfeed (all except the bionet groups) and
      can feed you all groups. (Including the "clari." groups, if
      you obtain permission from ClariNet Communications, Inc.)

    * Real-time conversation with as many as 31 other people from
      around North America via our real-time CHAT system.

To sign up for your FREE trial session, dial 1-313-343-0800. Use 300,
1200,2400,4800,7200,9600,12000 or 14400 baud, 8/N/1. Type the word
'new' in lower case at the "login:" prompt.

You get to use the system for 60 minutes FREE. Access to the system is
only $5 a month for up to 20 hours!! There is no obligation to continue
using the system after your free 60 minutes. 

(***NOTE: We HAD a toll free (800) number that was supposed to be 
 ***disconnected 2 months ago, but our LD carrier seems to have 
 ***forgotten to do it, even though we have sent them a couple of
 ***letters. So, be our (actually THEIR) guest as long as it lasts.
 ***The toll free number for access to CAT-TALK is 800-825-3069)

 Send E-MAIL questions/comments/suggestions to: pr@ddmi.com