[alt.bbs.ads] Amiga BBSs sought.

ttavolij@praxis.cs.ruu.nl (Thomas Tavoly) (10/04/90)

Hi, I'm looking for BBSs:
1. in The Netherlands, of any kind (Amiga oriented strongly favoured).
2. worldwide, Amiga oriented.
3. BBSs which have USENET access for downloading/reading news
   (for example comp.sys.amiga.hardware)

any of the above at any, or a combination, of the following speeds:
a. 300  (V.21)
b. 1200 (V.22)
c. 2400 (V.22bis)
d. 9600 (V.32)
(+) MNP5,(#) V.42,(*) V.42bis
(=) PEP,(-) HST

If you do not have such information, could you maybe direct me
towards someone/an organization who/which might know?

Please E-Mail me; I'll summarize if I get enough requests. To this end,
please format your info in this fashion:
(In fact nixpub format is OK too, or any other but this is easier for me)

Name                           speed phone-nr.      open type/notes/misc.
------------------------------ ----- -------------- ---- --------------------
The thing (scary)............. a     +31-30-1000001   1  PS/-2           !00
Amiga heaven BBS - Utrecht 1.. abc+  +31-30-1000010   1  Amiga 650MB
Amiga heaven BBS - Utrecht 2.. d*    +31-30-1000011   0  Amiga 650MB     !84
The Big Box BBS............... c+    +49-1010-00100  37  C64 - 16TeraByte
------------------------------ ----- -------------- ---- --------------------
speed: abc+ stands for 300,1200,2400 + MNP5; (see above)
       similarly for d*: 9600 + V.42bis,
open:  0 for example for 24Hrs/7days, the 1 for 18.00-06.00 weeknights,
       37: "only when the pizza is warm but not too salty, and after 7pm"
type/misc: !00 "7S1 only, very noisy lines"
           !01 "God, what's that? Whalemeat.. - Douglas Adams"
           !14 "Location: an attic in Budapest VII.ker."
           !23 "look out, this one is hazardous for your goldfish!"
           !84 "running Paragon v.XXX, without Jackies (sp?) help!"
           Get the idea?

Oh yeah, and thank you!