[alt.bbs.ads] $75 for annual usenet feed

larry@nstar.rn.com (Larry Snyder) (03/09/91)

nstar.rn.com has 2 more slots open for backbone usenet news and mail
feeds for $75/year 

here are the requirements:
    feed must be via Telebit Trailblazer     
    base groups are selected ie:comp,rec,alt etc.. and 
     not specific newsgroups like comp.sys.sun,alt,!alt.sex etc..
    connection is less than 60 minutes per day

about nstar.rn.com:
    currently handle 1500 newsgroups 
    have 8 inbound lines
    4200 megabytes
    multiple machines networked
    connection via leased line running SLIP
    usually ranked in top 250 of traffic passing through

there are only 2 slots available at this rate - and after they are
filled normal rates apply --

for information, contact myself at larry@nstar.rn.com

   Larry Snyder, NSTAR Public Access Unix 219-289-0287 (HST/PEP/V.32/v.42bis)
                        regional UUCP mapping coordinator 
               {larry@nstar.rn.com, ..!uunet!nstar.rn.com!larry}