[mail.framers] Interleaf vs Framemaker

framers-request (10/26/90)

The issue referenced has 15 pages of comparisons of Interleaf,
FrameMaker and Ventura.

framers-request (10/26/90)

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>jonas@his.se (Jonas Mellin) writes:
>>I have read the summary about Framemaker. Has anyone a summary about
>>Interleaf? ...   
>Title:     Interleaf pulls ahead of Framemaker
>Subtit:    They were neck to neck until Interleaf came out with 4.0
>Author:    Alan Southerton
>Published: Unix World December 1988
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Hmmm, I think something a little more current might be more useful:

Title:     Prowess on the Desktop
Subtit:    Frame 2.0 takes its top-rated word processing tools past newsletters
           to WYSIWYG books, journals, and manuals
Author:    Art Campbell
Published: Unix World March 1990

Title:     Interleaf TPS and FrameMaker In a Technical Environment
Authors:   Jon Glickman and Scott Hatch
Subtit:    A lack of published comparisons of the leading workstation publishing
           packages has led two technical writers to compare Interleaf and FrameMaker.
           Three categories of tests were performed: objective tests, subjective tests,
           and a comparison of advanced features.  Emphasis is on features that would 
           be used every day in a technical publications department publishing for an
           engineering audience.
Comments:  The authors tested Interleaf TPS 4.0 and FrameMaker 2.0 on a Sun 3/60 running 
           The authors seemed to find the performance of both products satisfactory,
           with these concluding comments:
             Interleaf performs well with structured documents.  It allows writers 
             to quickly configure templates.
             FrameMaker performs well with complex document formats.  It has highly
             customizable master pages and text columns.
           A rather statesman-like summation, I thought.  
Published: 37th International Technical Communication Conference, Santa Clara California
           May 22, 1990
Notes:  FrameMaker 2.1x is announced (Unix Today! October 1, 1990) supporting OSF/Motif
           and the X-Window environment.  Frame will be coming out with FrameMaker 3.0
           soon, and Interleaf will be coming out with Interleaf TPS 5.0.  I am 
           currently evaluating FrameMaker 2.1x and Interleaf TPS 4.0, along with 
           available alternatives - IslandWrite/Draw/Paint and Avalon Publisher.  Under 
           consideration as a future supplemental tool (not yet available on Unix 
           platforms) is Author/Editor.  All of these packages are deserving of 
           careful consideration and evaluation.  Considered and rejected (for our 
           purposes) were Microsoft Word (only on Xenix platforms, apparently) and 
           Word Perfect (not comfortable with WP's user interface).