[mail.framers] FrameMaker 2.1x?

framers-request (10/29/90)

In article <145@tivoli.UUCP>, lark@tivoli.UUCP (Lar Kaufman) writes:

|> Notes:  FrameMaker 2.1x is announced (Unix Today! October 1, 1990) supporting OSF/Motif
|>            and the X-Window environment.  Frame will be coming out with FrameMaker 3.0
|>            soon, and Interleaf will be coming out with Interleaf TPS 5.0.  I am 
|>            currently evaluating FrameMaker 2.1x and Interleaf TPS 4.0, along with 
|>            available alternatives - IslandWrite/Draw/Paint and Avalon Publisher.  Under 
|>            consideration as a future supplemental tool (not yet available on Unix 
|>            platforms) is Author/Editor.  All of these packages are deserving of 
|>            careful consideration and evaluation.  Considered and rejected (for our 
|>            purposes) were Microsoft Word (only on Xenix platforms, apparently) and 
|>            Word Perfect (not comfortable with WP's user interface).
|> -lar 


  I'm very interested in FrameMaker 2.1x supporting X-Windows &c.! My question is:
May I use this version of FrameMaker for importing (sic) and, somewhat more
important, but difficult likewise, exporting -- now it comes -- LaTeX- or at least
TeX-Files like Publisher (ArborText) does.

Please answer me quickly... perhaps it is faster by e-mail to

							Thomas F. Gritzner
							Lehrstuhl Broy, TUM

framers-request (10/30/90)

We have engineers who would like the same capability.  So far, the only 
solution I have conceived of requires formatting the TeX (LaTeX) file into
encapsulated PostScript format, and then importing the graphic into Frame.
This doesn't seem to be an ideal solution, but possibly acceptable.  There
are public-domain tools to do TeX -> PostScript, I believe.