[mail.framers] Different page color for FrameMaker 2.1X?

framers-request (10/27/90)

Has anyone using FrameMaker 2.1X successfully changed the foreground and/or
background colors of the page?  Black on white is okay, but I find the white
on my screen is a bit too intense to stare at all day.  I'd like to soften
it a bit toward gray; maybe with white chars on a dark gray background.

Interestingly, it seems to depend on the server.  Running it on one system,
but using a different machine's display, the chars come out white on black.
Could this stuff be hardcoded into FrameMaker??
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framers-request (11/03/90)

This works for me
In .Xdefaults

Maker*winRect.background: your_color_here

Then start maker as
maker [other options] -colorDocs

K. Konstantinides