[mail.framers] FrameMaker for the Mac

framers-request (11/11/90)

I've just bought FrameMaker. (Finally, a program that will let me do manuals
and books without going through hoops :-)

I have a couple of questions for more experienced FM users:
1. When opening a Word file, FM claims it can't find *any* of the fonts.
   It conveniently lists these in a window, using the full Adobe
   nomenclature. However, FM itself is able to list these fonts in its
   own menus. This is on system 6.0.7, with Suitcase II (might this be
   the problem?)
2. The manual says FM can read RTF files, but when I tried it, it treated
   them as plain text. How can I get it to interpret RTF?

Frank Kolnick,
Basis Computer Systems Inc.
UUCP: {allegra, linus}!utzoo!mnetor!frank