[talk.environment] Seminar: Ecological Policy in Soviet Union

jfolse@orca.tamu.edu (Joseph Folse) (06/21/91)

			      A Seminar



		TIME:    1:30 PM
		DATE:    June 25, 1991 (Tuesday)
		PLACE:   Room 301 Rudder, Texas A&M University

     Dr. Alexey V. Yablokov serves as the deputy chairman of the
Ecology Committee of the U.S.S.R. Supreme Soviet.  He was elected a
member of the Congress of People's Deputies in 1989.  Previously, he
was chairman of the Commission of Ichthyology for the U.S.S.R.
Ministry of Fisheries and, earlier, head of a scientific laboratory at
the Koltzoff Institute of Developmental Biology.  He currently serves
as a science advisor to the President of the Russia Republic, Boris

     Dr. Yablokov is an internationally known scientist who has
studied marine mammals such as Arctic dolphins and Baltic seals for 30
years.  He has participated in zoological expeditions in the European
and Far Eastern U.S.S.R., Central Asia and India.  He has a string
interest in conservation problems, and has taken part in many joint
marine mammal conservation projects with colleagues in the U.S.,
Sweden and Poland.  In addition, he has led the Soviet delegations at
several international scientific conferences.

     Dr. Yablokov has written many scientific papers on theoretical
biology, marine mammal research, and reptiles.  He has also written
popular books about nature conservation, dolphin biology and evolution.

     The U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences awarded Dr. Yablokov a research
prize in 1978 and elected him a corresponding member in 1984.  He is
currently a candidate for full membership in the Academy.

     Dr. Yablokov attended Moscow State University, where he received
a bachelor's degree in zoology in 1956.  He became a Doctor of Biology
in 1959 and a Doctor of Science in 1966.


	* Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences (COALS)

	* College of Geosciences