[comp.sys.mac.app] PostScript

bowler@athena.mit.edu (albert smith) (07/04/90)

I have a diagram that I have made in Adobe Illustrator. It really is
quite lovely with all the colors and every thing.  I want to send it to
our slide maker here which will only accept PICT files.  Is there a way
to convert an Illustrator file to PICT format and not lose a good deal
of resolution (say 300 dpi)?

I thank anyone for any help that they can provide.

Please respond via e-mail.  But don't let me stop anyone from sending a
followup article to the news group if anyone else would like to know the
answer to this question.

Thank you once again.

--albert smith, bowler@athena.mit.edu
albert smith, bowler@athena.mit.edu