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flutter@vtcc1.cc.vt.edu (Lloyd Eldred) (06/27/90)

In article <10147@ogicse.ogc.edu>, wm@ogicse.ogc.edu (Wm Leler) writes...
>I too would like to hear about people's experiences doing animation at
>home (specifically computer animation).
>Wm Leler

    I've done quite a bit of animation on my Amiga 1000. I use Deluxe
Paint III (with built in animation capabilities), The Director (a
fancy scripting program with easy access to the Amiga's blitter),
and my Digi-View video digitizer. I've constructed things of up to
about three minutes in length that I cycle through repeatedly.
    My animations include spining text in three dimensions, running
figures, dissolving figures (I'm particularly proud of a Star Trek
transporter effect that I accomplished with the Director), etc.
    Then, I take the composite video out from the back of the machine
into my 4 head VHS VCR, and record in 2 hour mode. This produces very
nice results.
    I've done these short animations primarily for advertising clubs or
events that I am involved in. They are very eye catching.
    My point is that it doesn't take anything expensive or complicated
to produce good results.

Lloyd Eldred -- Va. Tech