[rec.arts.animation] in-house video/audio/animation development

kevinc@cs.AthabascaU.CA (Kevin Crocker) (07/05/90)

Hi all, I have a naive question.  We are interested in investigating
the possibility (wow, can I get more nebulous or what!) of integrating
either still pictures and/or live video with some computer controlled
courseware and have no idea where to start.  I'll tell you what we have
and I'd like to know what we might need.

Besides the usual array of UNIX (Ultrix/Sys5/BSD4.?) boxes we also have
some SUN's of various flavours.  We also have a few 386 machines
running DOS, this is the environemnt that I would like to know about or
OS/2.  I have a 386/33 clone that has a SCSI controller (Future
Domain).  What kind of equipment woild I need to be able to display
either/or still video or live video.

Thanks in advance.

Kevin "auric" Crocker Athabasca University 
UUCP: ...!{alberta,ncc,attvcr}!atha!kevinc
Inet: kevinc@cs.AthabascaU.CA