[rec.arts.animation] CG Symposium @ Smithsonian 9/8-16/90

larry@uhccux.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu (Larry Lovett) (08/07/90)

Announcment:  The Smithsonian Institution's Resident Assoc. Program
announces Infinite Illusions: The World of Electronically Created
Imagery, a symposium and computer art and animation show from Sept.
8th to 16th, 1990.  All panels and classes are available individually.
Contact Joanne Gigliotti at the Resident Associate Program for catalog
and registratioin information.  Phone 202-357-4091 Fax 202-786-2536.

larry@uhccux.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu (Larry Lovett) (08/30/90)

  Last Minuit Reminder...
The Smithsonian Institution is hosting a Computer Graphics
Symposium.  There are panels and clases and hands on demos
an art show and an animation night.  This is a small event,
which includes many of the major players like Able, Demos,
Blinn, Csuri, Kovack, Catmul, Evans, Lanier, as well as
well as artists; Em, Truckenbrod, Coates, Ferguson and many
others. There will be no vendors or corporate hype, so it
could be an unusual and rewarding event...For further info.
the catalog and how to register, call Joanne Gigliotti at
202-357-4091...registration is still open and some events
are free.