[sun.open-windows] KeyPress event

eric@lifen--.sun.com (Eric arnold) (12/04/90)

I've found an X application (xtrek) which works OK under the standard X11
server, but doesn't seem to get keyboard events when running under Openwindows.
I tried compiling it with the X11 libraries as found on "newstop", and
with the OW X libraries, but there was no improvement.

Instead of taking the keystrokes, it beeps, as if you had pressed a key
in the Openwindows root window, so I'm guessing it is an event or focus
problem.  (Also, I got the same beep with the application stopped in the
debugger; also, keypresses were never seen in its even handler, though
button events were.)

The application does something like:

    XSelectInput(p->display, p->w,

Are there any known bugs, or other requisite calls for OW, or what?  

(BTW, is this related to the Openwindows.FocusLenience resource? 
It didn't help... )