[trial.test] My recent message on trial.test

dylan@ibmpcug.co.uk (Matthew Farwell) (09/15/90)

I recently posted something to trial.test asking people to mail me
if they got that message. Out of interest, these are the people
that replied.

The trial.* hierarchy seems to be quite well connected in the UK (esp.
since its only been here ~ 2 weeks) but not so well everywhere else.  Or
maybe everyone in Britain was so excited at actually seeing a message in
trial.test that they just had to reply.

The first 2 weren't a surprise, since we are their main feed site.

Thanks to anyone who replied.

"Lindsay F. Marshall" <Lindsay.Marshall@newcastle.ac.uk>
"johan h. buelens" <johanb@cc1.kuleuven.ac.be>
Abhay Bulsari VT <abulsari@ra.abo.fi>
Chris Parra <parra@concert.net>
Credo quia absurdum est <nkings@axion.bt.co.uk>
Erik Corry <erik@tcom.stc.co.uk>
Greg Woods <woods@ncar.ucar.edu>
Jeremy G Harris <jgh@root.co.uk>
Jonathan Knight <jonathan@cs.kl.ac.uk>
Lehtim{ki Erkki <eal@alva.tut.fi>
Nick Leverton <nleverton@compulink.co.uk>
Pablo Iglesias <pi@eng.cam.ac.uk>
Shaun Brown <sbrown@acorn.co.uk>
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