[ba.market.misc] Trade my VAX for your MacII?

aheynneman@wldwst.enet.dec.com (Al Heynneman) (05/06/90)

I'm interested in trading my Digital Equipment Corporation VAX 11/730 for
a Mac II.

The VAX has a 121 meg fixed hard disk (R80), 10 meg removable disk (RL02),
dual TU58 cartridge tape drives, 9 serial ports, sync port, and a parallel
port.  An ethernet adapter is also available if needed.  The machine
currently has 1 meg of memory, expandable to 5 meg maximum.  Current memory
prices for additional 1 meg modules are about $100 per meg.  I have many
RL02 and TU58's with various software available.  Not the latest versions
by any means, but they work.

I'm located in the Silicon Valley in California, so possible swap offers
might be easiest from someone in a similar area.

My ideal Mac II would be a Mac IIx, but I'll entertain all offers.  Persons
with serious interest can contact me at:

			70110.611@compuserve.com (daily)
			heynneman (CONNECT, America Online)
			XTA18344 (GEnie)

Cheers, Al