[ba.market.misc] Mac Games for Sale!

taylor@limbo.Intuitive.Com (Dave Taylor) (07/11/90)

Well, it's closet cleaning time, and I have the following games for
the Macintosh that I'd like to be rid of.  They're all in boxes with 
the original disks, decoder wheels, magic code rings, etc etc.  

The numbers in parenthesis are current advertised priced for the games; 
you should use these numbers as the basis for your offers, please...  
Finally, I'll tend to be more interested in someone that offers a lower 
price on lots of games than vice versa.  (btw: $350 for 'em all!  That's
over $725 worth of commercial quality games...)

      ($29)  x	"Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur"  <InfoCom> 
      ($32)	"The Bard's Tale"  <Electronic Arts> 
        ?	"Breach"  <Omnitrend Software> 
  T   ($24)  x	"Bridge 6.0"  <Artworx> 
      ($32)  x	"Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator"  <Electronic Arts> 
      ($26)	"Citadel"  <Postcraft> 
      ($28)	"The Colony"  <Mindscape> 
      ($38)	"Colour Billiards"  <SoftStream> 
  T   ($24)	"Compubridge"  <Artworx> 
      ($19)	"Daily Double Horseracing"  <Artworx> 
      ($28)  x	"Gold Rush!"  <Sierra On-Line> 
        ?	"Grailquest: Adventure in the Age of King Arthur"  <Artworx> 
      ($28)  x	"Journey: The Quest Begins"  <InfoCom> 
      ($25)  x	"Karnov"  <Data East> 
      ($28)  x	"Man Hunter New York"  <Sierra On-Line>
      ($29)	"Orbital Mech"  <Studio Zero> 
        ?	"Paladin"  <Omnitrend Software>
      ($32)	"Sands of Fire"  <Three-Sixty> 
  T   ($26)  x	"Scrabble"  <Leisure Genius> 
      ($23)	"Solitaire DA"  <SoftStream> 
      ($30)	"Space Rogue"  <Origin> 
      ($39)	"Starflight"  <Electronic Arts> 
      ($25)  x	"Super Hang-On"  <Data East> 
      ($38)	"Sychronicity"  <Visionary Software> 
  T   ($35)	"Wizardry"  <Sir-Tech> 
      ($35)  x	"Zork Zero"  <InfoCom> 

Many of these do *not* work on a Mac IIci (which is why many of them are up 
for sale: I've tried to indicate that with the 'x' before the name), so if 
you have that particular machine please let me know so we can ensure you 
don't end up disappointed!  They should all work on other Macs.

Also, some are already spoken for, tentatively.  That's what the "T" means.
Make me an offer, however, and who knows...

						-- Dave Taylor
Intuitive Systems
Mountain View, California

taylor@limbo.intuitive.com    or   {uunet!}{decwrl,apple}!limbo!taylor