[ba.market.misc] Looking for a replacement terminal

craig@aspect.UUCP (Craig Schreiner) (07/25/90)

Hello Net'ers,

My company is looking for anyone who can offer any information on a
possible compatible terminal to replace our current Citoh CIT50/CIT50+.
We specifically need a terminal that emulates VT100 with a standard
ANSI or ASCII styled keyboard.  We do not want a terminal that emulates
a VT100 with the VT220/VT320 styled keyboards.  The first five items
list the major features that are required while the remaining items
are those desired:

 1. VT100 emulation with ASCII/ANSI styled keyboard.
 2. 16 fully host programmable function keys.
 3. 25th line status line, fully host programmable.
 4. Capable of NO FLOW control (i.e. no XON/XOFF) at 9600 baud.
 5. Standard 96 ASCII character font set as well as the 32 special
    graphics character set for line drawing graphics.
 6. Main port interface being RS232C 25 pin D-type female in DTE
 7. Auxiliary port interface being bidirectional RS232C 25 pin D-type
    female in DCE configuration.

The following terminals have been evaluated by us that would not meet
our expectations:

 - D.E.C. VT320
 - MicroTerm VT220
 - Motorola VT220
 - HDS2000
 - Wyse 60
 - Falco
 - Link MC5
 - Liberty 120

If you have any input that you feel would be valuable to our request
any response that you have would be appreciated.  Please reply by E-Mail
as I do not have time to read news in general and our system administration
tends to purge news in these groups.  Thank you for your time and efforts.
Craig Schreiner        (408) 441-2416
E-Mail to: ...!uunet!aspect!craig