[ba.market.misc] Position available: software for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

unhd (Roy M. Turner) (11/10/90)

                          Research Project Engineer Needed:
        The  Marine Systems Engineering Laboratory at the  University  of 
        New Hampshire, a small research lab focused on the development of 
        underwater  robotic vehicles and systems, needs a person to  lead 
        its  efforts  to develop real time A.I./Symbolic  Processing  for 
        Intelligent  Guidance  &  Control.  This  includes  the  planning 
        necessary to define specific research goals and milestones.  
        Responsibilities  include:  Conceptualize, design  and  implement 
        computer  systems software for the EAVE (Experimental  Autonomous 
        VEhicles)  systems; analyze and evaluate the performance  of  de-
        veloped  software  concepts  through the use  of  various  signal 
        processing techniques and computer analysis; present the  results 
        of  research through the publication of papers and  participation 
        in scientific workshops and conferences; direct research staff in 
        their efforts to accomplish the defined research goals;  interact 
        effectively  with other researchers in order to  maintain  active 
        communication and sharing of results.
        The  successful applicant enjoys working in a  project  oriented, 
        team environment.  He/she should have a strong background in both 
        numeric and symbolic programming (C, Unix, LISP, Object  Oriented 
        Programming)  as well as an understanding of microcomputer  hard-
        ware  systems  and their interface to  sensor  subsystems.   This 
        position offers a challenging opportunity for professional growth 
        in a flexible research environment. 
        Minimum  qualifications:  Bachelor's degree in appropriate  field 
        of engineering or physics; five years experience related to field 
        of  expertise  of  which at least three are  in  system  software 
        development;  expertise in design of complex  components,  equip-
        ment,  and  analysis of experimental data.  Salary:   $32,740  to 
        $51,050;  starting salary normally not to exceed  $36,810.   Send 
        resume (non citizens must include current visa status) by  Novem-
        ber  26, 1990 to:  Richard Blidberg, Marine  Systems  Engineering 
        Lab., Marine Program Bldg., University of New Hampshire,  Durham, 
        NH  03824.  Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.  UNH is 
        an AA/EEO Employer.

Roy M. Turner
Research Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science/Marine Systems Engineering Laboratory