[ba.market.misc] Hyperion PC for sale CHEAP

sandy@cup.portal.com (Sandy A Meltzer) (01/02/91)

** FOR SALE **

Hyperion Personal Computer - $75/offer

	originally sold for more than $3500
	self-contained computer, 5" monitor, keyboard
		and two double-density 5 1/4" disk drives
		serial and parallel I/O ports
	handsome case, good looking screen, nice keyboard
	includes manuals and system software

So what's the story?  This computer really did sell for
over $3500 in 1983.  I bought it locally for $500 about
2 years ago and used it as a spare system for telecommunications.
Since I've owned it, there seems to be an intermittent problem
with the system booting.  Sometimes it boots and works fine,
other times it won't boot.  I haven't tried to resolve the
problem, but if you like to tinker, this might be a fun and
inexpensive computer to play with.

For more information call Sandy at (408) 257-5383 or send
email (sandy@cup.portal.COM).  Pick-up in Cupertino, CA
or I can ship via UPS.