[ba.market.misc] ** FOR SALE ** Roland 16 Ch. Mixer & TASCAM 8 Ch. Mixer

sandy@cup.portal.com (Sandy A Meltzer) (02/15/91)

The following mixers were used ONLY at home and are in excellent  
condition (original factory cartons and manuals included for each. 
Call Sandy at (408) 257-5383 for more information or send email 
(sandy@cup.portal.COM).  Pick-up in person (Cupertino, CA) or I 
can ship via UPS: 
** FOR SALE ** 
Roland M-160 Line Mixer - excellent condition - $550 
     The Roland M-160 is a high-quality, rack-mount type, 
     16 channel line mixer. 
     - This mixer provides various excellent functions and high  
       quality sounds equivalent to those of professional equipment. 
     - The inputs and outputs are compatible with the line level of 
       professional equipment (+4dBm).  Both standard phone jacks 
       and XLR connectors (balance) are provided for outputs. 
     - This compact size mixer contains as many as 16 channel inputs, 
       making it possible to deal with a number of sources in a small 
       space. The input channels 1 and 2 can also be used for microphones.  
     - The Bus In jacks allows you to stack the mixer easily. 
     - Four sets of Effect Send and Return jacks are provided.  AUX 
       Send can select Pre or Post.  Returns consist of three stereo 
       jacks and one with panpot. 
     - The Phones Mix In allows you to monitor through headphones the 
       monitor mix signals or sequencer's click sound.  Moreover, the 
       mixer features a highly sensitive Fader, easy-to-read Level 
       Meter and Peak/Signal Indicator, etc. 
TASCAM M-30 Mixer Board (with multi-unit rack stand) - $550/offer? 
        professional quality 
        8-subchannels (for effects returns) 
        built-in Equalizers (one per channel) 
        great stand with room for most of your other rack-mount modules