[ba.market.misc] --- Mac SE WANTED!

nakamura@dewey.soe.berkeley.edu (Mark Nakamura) (02/20/91)

Do you have a Mac SE just sitting around collecting dust?
Would you like to have the capital to help upgrade to a machine
with more horsepower, or do you just want some spending money?

Well, I'm in the market for a Mac SE or SE/30.  If anyone has one
that they would like to sell, please contact me.  Looking for an
SE with a hard drive in the $700-800 range.  SE/30 commensurately

Email or phone ok.  If email, please leave telephone number.


Mark Nakamura

{uwvax, decvax, inhp4}!ucbvax!nakamura%dewey.soe.berkeley.edu