[ba.market.misc] WANTED -- dumb terminal/modem hookup

browning@nas.nasa.gov (David S. Browning) (04/09/91)

I'm lookin to buy a simple ascii terminal that I can hook up to a
modem and use to dial in to work.  I won't be transferring files, so I
don't THINK I need a PC.  Has anyone tried this?  Seems silly to spend
$1000-$2000 on a PC when all I'll do is use it as a dumb terminal.  I
figure I can get a used, useless (TVI 910?) terminal for $50 or so.

Anyone have any advice, or want to sell me a dumb terminal?
(Actually, I'd want some cursor movement and highlighting, say
reverse-video, since I'll be using emacs.  So it can't be TOO dumb!)

Thanks for any advice.  Post if you must, but with follow-ups to
comp.terminals.  If there's interest, I'll summarize.

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