[ba.market.misc] American Ink in Oakland has colored ribbons for all kinds of printers!

shedevil@leland.Stanford.EDU (Annie) (04/10/91)

Some of you may recall that I was looking for a source for coloured ribbons
for my Panasonic KX-P1124, and that I posted that I had found a source.

Well, today I got my order from American Ink...I got a purple ribbon
and a blue ribbon.  I mailed the check to them last Wednesday, and
the ribbons came today by UPS.

Their coloured ribbons are 9.04, plus tax, and plus $2.30 UPS shipping.

I don't know what all printers they have ribbons for, but I've been told
they have them for many makes and models.

Anyway, I'm happy - it's neat to be able to print in more then just
black now! :-)

Their address and phone # are:


			American Ink Products Company
			630 East 10th St.
			Oakland, CA  94606
			(415)  268-0825

I have no affiliation with this company...I'm just posting this because
I figure that others would like to know a source to get coloured
printer ribbons! :-)
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