[ba.market.misc] ISC 2.2.1 For Sale

kirk@mips.com (Kirk Erickson) (05/25/91)

I started work at MIPS recently and have shifted from ISC Unix to RISC/os.
As a result, I would like to sell the ISC Workstation Developer Software I
purchased just before coming aboard.  Its only 2 months old, and still in
the factory box.  Most everything ISC offers is included:

	Base Unix O/S
	Software Development System
	X11 Development System
	Looking Glass Desktop Manager
	VP/ix Environment
	TEN/PLUS Environment
Also included are the following updates:

rt #    media size   name         description
FX00019-2Z   5.25"   SSU.1a  Update  Posix Fixes (OS only) user becomes
FX00020-2Z   5.25"   SSU.1b  Update  Posix Fixes (SDS portion) libc.a fix
FX00021-2Z   5.25"   SSU.2  Update   msg.h Fix msgctl call was changed to
FX00022-2Z   5.25"   SSU.3  Update   VP/ix - Windows 3.0 Support
FX00032-2Z   5.25"   SSU.4a  Update  TCP/ip Update fixed sockets with
FX00034-2Z   5.25"   SSU.4b  Update  NFS Update (requires SSU.4a)
FX00030-2Z   5.25"   SSU.5  Update   Dossette fix - 2.2 "floppy not present"
FX00042-2Z   5.25"   SSU.8  Update   Kconfig fix - limit of 100 devices
FX00036-2Z   5.25"   SSU.10 Update   New Looking Glass Product
FX00044-2Z   5.25"   SSU.14 Update   LP Scheduler fix - Print service will

Along with the 2.2.1 upgrade and the Security Fix.

The product lists for $1995.00+tax.
It goes to the highest bidder.
Kirk Erickson                       MIPS Computer Systems, Sunnyvale, CA
kirk@mips.com                       {ames,prls,pyramid,decwrl}!mips!kirk