[ba.market.misc] *** WANTED: 15V bipolar powersupply, o-scope ***

gristle@ucscb.ucsc.edu (66016000) (06/11/91)

I am an amateur musician/electronics hobbyist and don't think I can build
a decent power supply. I'm currently working on analog synth modules for
my Electronic Music program here at UCSC.  I can understand the regulator
end of a power supply, but I don't understand transformer choice for the
unregulated supply portion.

Does anyone have a +15 -15v power supply that can handle up to .5amps?
home built is fine.... 

Also, I'm looking for a used low-end oscilloscope. I don't need anything fancy,
just one that works reliably.

i'm willing to pay cash for both of the above.
also, if you know of anyone who wants to get rid of old analog synth modules,
that info would be appreciated.... (vco,vca,vcf,rm, etc...)

mail gristle@ucscb.ucsc.edu