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matija@amiga.ifi.unizh.ch (Matija Milostnik) (06/14/91)

In article <22375@cbmvax.commodore.com> jesup@cbmvax.commodore.com (Randell Jesup) writes:
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>>  Before 2.0 goes into ROM, would it be necessary for the Commodore to
>	Good idea, unfortunately about 6-8 months too late for ROM.  Please
>submit an enhancement request to the bugs group or by mail to suggestions@
>cbmvax (or bugs@cbmvax).

Another suggestion/question is the Drag&Drop on Workbench. I was wondering
if it can be made in 2.0. Since the app-window have the necessary code
already in it, it _shuold_ not be a big trouble (my point of view).
This is still _NOT_ the whole story of Drag&Drop. I thougt about changing
the asl.library requester allowing icons to be trown on it (at least on the
workbench screen). Or marking a text in an con:sole and dropping it on
an application starting this, etc...

For any discussion about usefulness of Drag&Drop please refer to .advocacy

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Best regards and happy programming for 2.0
I'm still wondering whats the official keyboard shortcut for marking a text,
as we have ones for cut copy and past, but no one for mark