[psu.micro.ibm] Using KEDIT 4.01 and Windows 3.0 in 386 Enhanced mode

PDS2@psuvm.psu.edu (Paul D. Shan) (09/04/90)

We have had a few questions here about users having problems with Kedit 4.01
running under Windows 3.0 on a 386 based machine in Enhanced mode.  We have
called the Mansfield Software Group and they sent us a document they prepared
on July 26, 1990 which explains how to get Kedit to run correctly under Windows
3.0.  I am happy to say that what they suggested does indeed work and Kedit CAN
be used successfully under Windows 3.0.

As a summary, let me state what we did here.  We started with a standard .PIF
file.  According to the document from Mansfield, Kedit cannot run with expanded
memory, and must run with extended memory if it is present.  Therefore we
simply changed the amount of RAM under the label "EMS Memory:" to ZERO on both
"KB Required" and "KB Limit" and then tried to run Kedit.  It worked very well.
The other options do not affect the operation of Kedit as far as I can tell.

So Kedit 4.01 CAN run under Windows in 386 Enhanced mode.
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