[uw.sys.amiga] 170MB HD,A500SCSI, KV1311CR cheaper

mucci@silver.lcs.mit.edu (Philip J. Mucci) (06/18/91)


	170MB HD with external case, SCSI passthru, Device # switch
	11ms, 2MB/sec (it came out of a sun sparcstation) 
	Case is A3000 color and has a mac size footprint.
	650 or b/o

	A500 SCSI interface for expansion port. No pass thru.
	1.3 Autoboot roms approx 220/sec read 120/sec write.
	$90 or b/o

	Sony KV1311CR 13" computer/video/monitor/tuner
	Inputs: RGB analog, RGB digital, NTSC A/V, RF mod
	Outs: NTSC A/V, TV A/V, MPX (for MTS stereo decoders)
	Includes cable, remote and manual.
	300$ or b.o.