[bit.listserv.biosph-l] A vote to the "sending to BIOSPH-L" subject.

NADWL@HDEDH1.BITNET (Scott Ophof) (02/22/90)

I know this isn't list material, but I believe it's still of general interest
to *all* of us using E-mail.  Hit the delete-key if *you* don't need/want it.

On Tue, 20 Feb 90 13:01:00 CDT, <ANTEK@TAMBIGRF> said:
>             you are sending to the whole list. Several times I wanted
>             to send a personal answer, and had to extract the sender's
>             address from a loooong header.

Either use the "Reply" option / command (or whatever is equivalent in your
mail system), or, if not available, get in contact with your local mail person
to see what can be done to make life easier in this respect.  I've *never*
had to extract an address from a header (but then here we've been spoiled by
the MAIL/MAILBOOK package used on our VM system).  This suggestion applies to
all mail packages.  Sometimes it helps to hit the HELP key, or browse through
the manual (I learned a lot this way).

>         3)  Someone who answers a mail and wants to include a part
>             of previous mail have to use an editor. That gives him
>             an additional chance to write clearly. (The idea of
>             editing long mails instead of using the interactive mode
>             sounds good to me also.

I didn't know it was possible to do mail "interactively" (could you please
explain this privately?).  I always thought of E-mail as the electronic
equivalent of what the GPO receives & delivers, and "interactive messages"
as a sort of telephone...