[biz.dec.workstations] Feedback sought on 3rd party large capacity 5.25 SCSI disks

wehr@fmeed1.UUCP (Bruce Wehr) (01/17/91)

I am posting this on behalf of a coworker:



Could you please drop a note out on the Internet requesting info on the

I am interested in feedback (positive and negative) on third party SCSI
5.25 disk, especially those in the 1.0G range.  There are three major
manufacturers of this type of equipment, Seagate (Wren), Fujitsu and
Hitachi.  I would also like feedback on distributors of these products
and how well they handle warranty claims.

The disks will be used on a DECstation 5000, so if there are any quirks
there I am also interested.



You can send your replies directly to Jack at:


Or, you can followup to this article; I'm directing followups to me.  I
will see that Jack gets the mail.

Thanks in advance.

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