[biz.dec.workstations] DEC AVS

merritt@max.u.washington.edu (03/27/91)

I have recently begun to use AVS version 2.0 on a DECstation 5000/200. The
documentation is quite good, but suffers from the peculiar flaw of describing
all sorts of things which are clearly not really implemented in the distributed
version.  The on-line realease notes claim that there is an appendix to the
users guide describing the areas in which the documentation fails to match the
actual product, but there isn't.

Now for the question.  Can anyone pass on to me information (rumours, hard
fact, speculation) on what will actually be in the DEC AVS version 3.0 release?
Will the missing parts of Version 2.0 be there - texture mapping? 
object property editing?  anti-alilasing?

What about features that appeared in Stardent's AVS version 3.0 - are the
DEC version numbers tracking Stardent's?

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