[ncr.misc] WANTED: Five NCR 925 PCs

mh@kong.Atlanta.NCR.com (Michael Harris) (01/07/91)

We are trying to buy at least five (possibly more) NCR 925 PCs,
with memory upgrades to 8 Mbytes, 160 Mbyte or bigger hard disks,
and 3.5" and 5.25" floppy drives; these are 25 MHz 386s with AT
type busses.  Apparently they are no longer made (a mystery in
itself); we have the money but so far no takers.  If you can help
us locate some (new or slightly used), please contact me as soon
as possible.  Many thanks.

(Yes, we know about 386SX and 386-20 PCs; we'd prefer 925s.)

Michael Harris; NCR Human Interface Technology Center
404-853-2937; fax 404-853-2934; michael.harris@atlanta.ncr.com

Michael Harris, Multimedia Project Leader
NCR Human Interface Technology Ctr; 500 Tech Pkwy; Atlanta GA 30313
404-853-2937; fax 404-853-2934; Michael.Harris@Atlanta.NCR.com