[git.ads] IBM PS/2 50Z for sale

gt0952b@prism.gatech.EDU (NEWTON,GREGORY PATRICK) (03/03/91)

PS/2 50Z for sale

o PS/2 50Z 80286
o 1 MB RAM
o 80287 Math Co-processor 
o 60 MB Hard Disk
o 1.44 MB 3.5" Disk Drive
o 1.2  MB 5.25" External Disk Drive
o IBM 8513 VGA Monitor
o IBM Proprinter X24
o Logitech Series 2 Mouse

All manuals are included.

Also have software that can be included as part of a deal.  All software
packages have manuals.    

o IBM DOS 4.0
o Microsoft Excel
o Microsoft Word
o Microsoft Windows
o Logitech Paintshow

I'm selling this system so I can upgrade to a 386 system.  I'm asking for
$2200 for the entire package (software included).  If you're interested
and would like to ask me any questions, please e-mail me.