[bit.listserv.big-lan] Experience with LAN Manager 2.0

veneman@cft.philips.nl (jaap veneman corp com) (03/19/91)

We are presently in a stage to expand our PCSA LAN
with a large number of PC's.
Our present users however have strong requirements
for a much higher performance. We use PCSA presently
configured to the best possible. A second important
requirement is easy tools for Local LAN (group) managers
with no experience with VMS. PCSA mainly depends on
central management and support (particular for managing
fairly complex access control on shared directories in 
multiple user groups and applications)

LANManager 2.0 according to our information promises
both, performance and easier LANManagement tools.

Any opinion, experience on LANManager implemention which
helps us to make up our plans will be greatly appriciated
I certainly will gather information and summarize and 
report this back on this news.

- Testresults, experience, implementation of LANManager 2.0
- Considerations, constraints for large multiserver LAN
  (500 users or more)
- integration in a DEC-PCSA environment, aspects such as
  sharing VMS based printers, central back-up/restore
  sharing VMS and UNIX (Ultrix) files, Email (All-in-One for
  DOS) etc.

- LAN Management aspects.

Many thanks in advance for your responces.

Jaap Veneman
Philips - Consumer Electronics
Building SK4 - PO-Box 218
5600 MD Eindhoven, The Netherlands
tel +31 40732129
email: veneman@philtis.cft.philips.nl