[bit.listserv.gaynet] MacGyver...



   I've been a MacGyver fan for the past two years, and have almost every

episode since then on video tape.  In some of the older epsiodes, he does

have involvements with women, but they either don't work out or are very

short-lived... (interesting, isn't it?)...

   Actually, the best part is, recently I saw an interview with Richard

Dean Anderson (MacGyver himself) on Canadian television, and when he was

asked about any romantic prospects, his reply was "I just haven't found

anyone that I want to settle down with yet."  Hmm, he could have said,

any woman, couldn't he? (If he had wanted to, that is!!)

   In many of the interviews I have read over the past two years, he has

claimed that he puts a lot of himself into his character, (which tends to

show a LOT of sensitivity at times---like most straight guys I know are

sensitive right? HA!!).

   And yes, I've lusted after his face, eyes, hair, butt, (you name it!)

for quite a while now... Mmmm....  :)

   Just wanted to let you know you weren't alone!!

   C H R I S