[bit.listserv.gaynet] hey!!!cute feminine gay lady in starksville...

6600jdp%ucsbuxa@HUB.UCSB.EDU (Preckel) (02/08/90)

Didn't get your name or catch where in the US you are stuck.
Hope you find the cultural spots you seek, good luck to you.
I am learning there are many positive social benefits of larger
urban areas, and in the future will most likely find myself in a
large city.  For now, I am here and happy in
Santa Barbara California, though it is not exactly a bastion of
We do get our fair share of celebrity Lesbian and Gays, political activists,
 authors and educators, radical Lesbian poets for example.
And Socialists...
Have fun on the net and incite some controversy!
John David UCSB