[bit.listserv.gaynet] Glory and fear in the service


Macneil and Lehrer on their news program last night had an essay--using
    the movie "Glory" as a starting point--they spent the most of the
    8-9 mins. talking to a Historian named Cornish who had written his
    Phd thesis on the black troops of the Civil War--in the late 50-early
    60's (I saw all this is a haze) he published a book called "The Sable
    Arm"--a quote from Douglass--one of the amazing things we were told
    was that during the height of the Civil War, black troops made up
    12% of the Northern army, composing over 170 regiments. How many of
    you educated people out there learned this from you High School or
    College history courses. And how many other such facts exist out there
    about gays, women, hispanics, etc. who contributed a tremendous amount
    to our country but who were not deemed worthy enough to be a part of
    our history?
I received this message yesterday from a young student friend here on
    campus--he's in ROTC--there may be a slight tongue in cheek here, but
    not really--  Merle

>Hi Merle,
>I'm sure you have been following the Andy Rooney controversy.  On the news
>last night I learned that the article in question was published in The Advocate
>Do you subscribe to this publication?  If so, is there any way I could get a
>photocopy of the article?  I would certainly reimburse you for any copying
>I just need the article, not the magazine.  If I had that in my possession,
>I could have my security clearance revoked!  :-) :-)