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Just an update on the upcoming conference.  It will be held April 20-22
on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle.  The theme of
the conference will be "Developing a positive gay identity."  We are
trying to stress that part of developing a positive identity in the gay
community involves reaching out to other oppressed communitites,
including women and people of color.

Workshops will include starting and maintaining lesbian/gay college
groups, diversity in the lesbian/gay community, intercollegiate net-
working, religion and spirituality, rural/smalltown activism, and safe
sex.  The region covered by the conference includes Washington, Oregon,
Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, northern California, Alaska, Alberta
and British Columbia.  Advance registration will be $15.  Conference
housing will be $16.50-$21.00.

We are hoping to get Svend Robinson, openly gay member of Parliament in
Canada, as keynote speaker, but he may have another commitment.  New
Dignity head Pat Roach (who is from Seattle) is another possiblity.  We
hope to have newly elected (and our first black) mayor of Seattle Norm
Rice as welcoming speaker.

The GMLA (Gay Men's and Lesbians' Association) at the UW will be having
a dance on April 21st in conjunction with the conference.  There will
be time to socialize and to get to know the Rain City (as some call it).

If you're interested in receiving a brochure/registration for the con-
ference, or if you know someone who is, you can leave me mail.  The
forms will be going out in 2-3 weeks.  I may also try to draft a file
with the registration form in it, so I can send that in lieu of the
slower "real mail" version.

Will Dean, co-chair of GMLA and of the NWRLGSC
Gay Men's and Lesbians' Association
HUB Box 96, FK-30
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98l95
(206) 543-6106

P.S.:  Even if you're not from the Northwest, you're certainly welcome
at the conference.  Be sure and send me mail if you would like to
receive a registration form!