[bit.listserv.gaynet] Andy Rooney and free speech


Wether Mr. Rooney's freedoms were violated depends on how you look at things.
From what I know, unless a news peice on televison or in the print media
includes a disclaimer the the material in question in no way refelects the
views of the ownership oir management of the medium then the views are to be
take n as the opinion of the medium and management in question.

In that light the network and the general manager are well within thier rights
to remove anyone from the airwaysd they feel will harm thier, reputation,
public standing, or violate the rule of the FCC.  In this case CBS policies
are such that they had no alternative but to reprimand Mr. Rooney for
insulting not one but two groups that could cause major problems fora third
rate network.  It is also the right of CBS to suspend or sever ties with the
man until this thing either blows over or is cleared up.

Simply put Andy Rooney is an employee of CBS he violated thier rules and
was subject to the punishment of the managment.  ANy of us would be subject
to the same thing if we had made those comments.  Andy is viewed by the public
as a representative of CBS and will get in to trouble if he hurts their image.

I guess he got what he deserved, you could say he should have been fired, but
having interned at a tv station for two summers, it sounds like they want to
either let him clear it up or hang himself.  As it stands, looks like he's
going to get hung.  The far right has a new poster boy at any rate.