[bit.listserv.gaynet] Sushi

mtymp02@UX.ACS.UMN.EDU (John T. Alexander) (02/13/90)

Dear Gaynetters,

      I just went for Sushi this weekend with my friend Gidget (yes, that's
really her name, no, don't ask.)  Afterward we began remembering the side
effects of eating Sushi, namely an increased sex drive.  I think that the
waitress was a little shocked by hearing us discuss men so much...  Lucky
for me, I had already planned to meet a friend later that night, but poor
Gidget had to go to work.  I highly recomend "All you can eat" Sushi
specials (only if the Sushi is good).  Are there any others that find Sushi
or other food very arousing?

      Obligatory Pun :  Just food for thought (or discussion...)


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