[bit.listserv.gaynet] My 2 cents on male/male couples

gnevilleneil@LYNX.NORTHEASTERN.EDU (02/13/90)

Hi Folks,
	It's been a while since I posted but I wanted to put in my
.02$ on this one.

	Several people have been talking on conflict resolution between
men in relationships.  It has been noted that men are socialized
differently in our culture and that this presents problems when they

	Well in my experience and observation it seems that the gender
of persons does not really matter when they need to resolve a conflict.
The fact that they are both of a sentient species introduces so many
variables into their personalities that saying something about them
based strictly on gender is far too limiting.

	Conflict resolution in most cases takes listening skills and a
lot of compromise.  Since everyone is greatly different from everyone
else on this planet it means that every situation is different and that
there are no formulas or simple solutions.  You simply have to play it
by ear and hope and work for the best.

	Of course I do not claim to know everything or even a great deal
on the subject but this has been my understanding of it and it has
worked for me.

	Hope this helps.

				George Neville-Neil

P.S. One World, One People.