[bit.listserv.gaynet] Andy Rooney again

ST401217%BROWNVM.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU (Walt Breen) (02/13/90)

With all this talk about Andy Rooney, I was a little surprised that no
one expressed any amazement that CBS ever saw fit to put the whining,
insipid moron on in the first place. After seeing the regular staff of
the program interview heads of state and break crimes wide open, to have
to hear that mewling fool complain, in one of the most horrendously
annoying voices on television in this or any age, about, say, the cost
of hair spray or the color of stereo components was appalling, and
always put a damper on the show for me.

Or am I the only one who ever felt this way?

Just wonderin',