[bit.listserv.gaynet] Gay Characters on Television

WYATT%ccm.UManitoba.CA@MITVMA.MIT.EDU (02/20/90)

For a while now I have been trying to compile a list of television
programs that have included gay/lesbian characters as a part of their
regular casts.  Many shows have "dealt" with gays in a single
episode or story line, but just how many have included gays on a
regular (or semi-regular) basis?  This is the list I have. I'm not
restricting the list to American TV, but I can't think of any Canadian
examples, and I don't know much about television in other countries.
If you can recall any other shows, or can correct errors it this list,
please e-mail them to me on the net or to either WYATT@CCM.UMANITOBA.CA
                                              or WYATT@UOFMCC.BITNET

SOAP (serial sitcom)  ABC 1977-1981
 Jodie Dallas (Billy Crystal)
 Dennis Phillips 1978 (Bob Seagren)
    Jodie was a regular character throughout the run of this show,
    although he was eventually involved with women. Dennis was the
    very closeted pro-football quarterback involved with Jodie the
    first season.
DYNASTY (serial drama) ABC 1981-1987?
 Steven Carrington (Al Corley 1981-2, Jack Coleman 1982-6)
 Ted Dinard 1981 (Mark Withers)
 Luke Fuller 1984-5 (William Campbell)
 Bart Falmont 1986? (Kevin ?)
     Ted was Steven's ex-lover, who followed him back to Denver and was
     killed by Steven's father Blake.  For one whole season Steven and
     Luke courted one another and became lovers, until Moldavian terror-
     ists killed Luke.  Bart was a closeted son of Blake's political
     rival, until he was exposed by Adam. (soap opera for sure!)
ST. ELSEWHERE (hospital drama) NBC 1982-1987?
 Kevin O'Casey 1985-6 (John Scott Clough)
 Brett Johnson 1986? (Kyle Secor)
     Kevin was the latest generation of a family of hereditary patients
     at St. Eligius.  His lover Brett had AIDS.
AS THE WORLD TURNS (daytime serial) CBS
 Hank Elliot 1988-9 (Brian Starcher)
     Hank was a dress designer, who had come to town to find occupation
     away from his HIV+ lover "Charles" (never seen). Various characters
     reacted differently to Hank's coming out to them.
HOOPERMAN (sitcom/drama) 1988-9
 Rick Silardi (Joseph Gian)
     Silardi and his female partner DeMont were series regulars.
     Sometimes a story would revolve around them, but most often it
LOVE, SIDNEY (sitcom) NBC 1981-2
 Sidney Shorr (Tony Randall)
     In the made-for-TV movie, Sidney was definately gay.  But by the
     time the series reached the air NBC had forbidden the mention of
     the character's sexual orientation.
SARA (sitcom) 1985?
 Dennis? (Bronson Pinchot)
     Dennis (I think) was one of four young lawyers in this office
     situation comedy. The show didn't last long and star Geena Davis
     went on to bigger and better things (movies).
EAST ENDERS (serial) British show syndicated to some PBS stations
 Colin Russell (Michael Cashman)
 Barry Clark (Gary Hailes)
     Colin was a guppie graphics designer who had moved into the
     gentrifying east end of London.  There he met Barry and the two
     moved in together.
DOCTOR, DOCTOR (medical sitcom) CBS 1989-present
 Richard (Dick) Stratford (Tony Carreiro)
 Hugh Persons (Brian George)
     Richard is an English professor and the brother of one of the four
     doctors in the show.  Hugh hosts the morning TV show where Dick's
     brother Mike does a medical segment.
HOLLYWOOD BEAT (police drama) ABC 1985?
 George Grinsky (John Matuszak)
     This show was an attempted Miami Vice clone, and George ran the
     coffee shop where the two principal cops hung out.
BROTHERS (serial drama) Showtime, mid 1980s?
 Donald  (Philip Charles MacKenzie)
 ? (Paul Regina)
     Donald was one of the Brothers of the title. The Paul Regina
     character was much less comfortable with his gayness than Donald.
FAME (drama/musical) NBC 1982-3, syndicated after 1983
 Montgomery MacNeil (P.R. Paul)
     The movie FAME had one gay character, Montgomery, and he was
     quickly written out at the start of the show.
THIRTYSOMETHING (drama) ABC 1988?-present
 Russell Weller 1989-present (David Marshall Grant)
     Occasional character.  Any show about yuppies needs at least one
     guppie.  Russell is an painter.
BARNEY MILLER (police sitcom) 1970's
     This sitcom was set in Greenwich village and included a variety
     of bit parts for victims and perpetrators.  Among these roles were
     one male couple.  Officer Cetelli also came out at one point.
BRIDESHEAD REVISITED (British mini-series? syndicated to North America)
 (Anthony Andrews) and (Jeremy Irons)
     I never saw any of this show, but the idea of Anthony Andrews
     and Jeremy Irons as a couple is a very interesting one. ;->